Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Updates for Newsagent's Club-Web Members - "The Latest Magazine Issues In Store Now!"  

New-Web's Newsagent's Club-Web membership now includes regular updates to display front covers of the current issues of a variety of magazines on Newsagent's New-Web-Sites.

Images of the magazine front covers now appear on the left side of all pages within each Newsagent's New-Web-Site.

Visitors to the sites are able to click on the image, or the text above it, to view the site's magazines page which displays a larger version of the magazine covers (below).

Front cover images will be updated for each new issue to display across member's sites as has been done for Lotteries Jackpots for some time. This sees the content on many more Newsagent's New-Web-Sites now being updated several times each week.

The updates are now in place on all Newsagent's New-Web-Sites, to view an example visit http://www.sunburynewsagency.com.au/magazines.jsp.com.au/magazines.jsp. The regularly updated magazine images offer an additional point of interest for visitors to the sites and will in turn generate more interest in the newsagent's magazines range. Currently a limited number of weekly titles are displayed, additional titles will be added to the display over the following weeks. A similar display is also provided on newsagent's sites on YourNewsagent.com.au, to view an example visit www.yournewsagent.com.au/kilmorenewsagency.

The ways in which newsagents are interacting with their customers and the wider community using the internet continues to evolve. We will be providing a series of updates over the following months with some of what is being achieved. We also look forward to continuing to bring more New-Web-Site updates to all of our Club-Web members.

New-Web is continuing to seek out new ways to help newsagent's and other small businesses make practical use of the internet for their business. Services offered now include Newsagent's New-Web-Sites, YourNewsagent.com.au, Small Business Websites, Do it Yourself Websites, e-mail Marketing, ClickCalling, e-Commerce Solutions and Domain Names (including new .tel domains). We'll be pleased to discuss further any aspects of these offerings which may be of interest for yourself or others.

I look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the above in more detail. For our most up to date contact details visit http://www.new-web.tel/.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Newsagents win the hearts of footy fans

Two newsagents have won over local footy fans with their own online Footy Tipping Competitions. Sunbury Newsagency and Campbell's Newsagencies websites are always active and interesting sites reflecting the customer loyalty these newsagents generate. Now this is even more so with tippers visiting each week and keeping up to date with the special offers and promotions available at their local newsagency.

What's News? at Nextra Sunbury Newsagency

On the Nextra Sunbury Newsagency site, footy tipping helps to further promote the always up to date and regularly visited "What's News?" section. All of the latest competition winners are announced in "What's News?" making it the ideal place to also share the current special offers and promotions on offer at Nextra Sunbury Newsagency. With over 300 footy tippers participating in the competition there's sure to be even more activity on "What's News?" building on the great relationship this newsagent has with the people of Sunbury.

Building on the great customer loyalty of many years for this family owned newsagency, Jenny Carland has used the website to extend the relationship with customers into the current day and the online environment. As the competition got underway Jenny's comments were, "The staff are very excited about the tipping competition. I am so pleased I did it, its’ created a real buzz around the store."

Campbell's Newsagencies Club Card

Footy Tipping on the Campbell's Newsagencies site is helping to drive membership to Club Card where among other rewards members can join the second chance draw which offers a jackpotting SA Lotteries Maxipick ticket each week. Customers can find the winning card number for the second chance draw either in store or online. Customers may also sign up online to join Card Club and view recent e-mail newsletters. This site is a great example of how newsagents can bring online and offline promotions together to build on customer loyalty.

Alf Spronk of Campbell's Newsagencies has used the Club Card and e-mail newsletters to help maintain customer loyalty throughout their shopping centre re-development. With a number of updates completed and footy tipping up and running Alf commented, "In all seriousness I don't cease to be amazed by your service - always prompt and always smiling. If you ever have any potential customers who need to be convinced that Peter gives great service give them my contact no."

With footy tipping already considered a great success by these newsagents we'll be sure to be giving all Newsagent's Club-Web members the opportunity to participate for the 2010 AFL & NRL season. While that's quite a way off there is still lots of promotional opportunities with Easter, Mother's Day, End of Financial Year, Father's Day, Christmas and Back to School all to pass by before the next footy season. Visit www.new-web.com.au to view more examples of newsagents moving forward online and to find out how you can get the internet working for your business.

A whole new range of products and services are now offered by New-Web as practical web solutions for small business. New-Web is now the place to refer to for Small Business Websites, Do it Yourself Websites, e-mail Marketing, ClickCalling, e-Commerce Solutions and Domain Names. Use these links to find out more about any of these exciting new products and services or visit www.new-web.com.au. We'll be pleased to discuss anything that may be of interest for your own business or any other businesses you may wish to refer to New-Web.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do it Yourself Website Builder

Build your own website with our Do it Yourself Website Builder. It's a simple and cost
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Get started in minutes by registering your domain then select a website builder option. If you already have a .au domain registered you can transfer it for free then proceed with using the Do it Yourself Website Builder.

To get started click here to find out if the domain name is available. You will be able to see instantly if the name you wish to use is available. The price to register the domain name will also be displayed and you will have the option to proceed with registering it.