Saturday, February 21, 2009

Customer newsletters, sales and specials, product releases, customer loyalty club e-mail marketing campaigns

e-mail communication between small businesses and their customers is increasingly becoming a day to day part of business. For e-mail marketing campaigns such as customer newsletters, sales and specials, product releases, customer loyalty club, etc. cost effective solutions for small businesses are available from New-Web.

With the multi award winning GroupMail range of products you can take the effort out of your marketing, bulk email and mobile SMS text message requirements with complete ease and total peace of mind.

Email is without doubt the most important Internet technology available, with that in mind you need to make sure that you have the right tools available if you want to use it for your benefit.

GroupMail Personal Edition is suited to the professional/power user. With GroupMail Personal Edition you can manage groups and lists of any size and you can send to them at fast speeds using multiple connections. You can even send direct to your recipients without the need for an SMTP Mail server. You also get a range of add-ons to help manage and maintain your groups more easily.

Direct Sending - no need to use your ISPs mail server
Easily Create and Send HTML and/or Text Newsletters
No Group/Send Size Limitations
Preview message before sending
Import Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera, AOL, Netscape address books and distribution lists
Group Export
Exclusion List Import and Export
Over 20 Newsletter Templates to choose from

Both GroupMail Personal Edition and Group Mail Business Edition are available to purchase online.

New-Web can also produce GroupMail templates specifically for your business needs and assist you with regular newsletters or special campaigns for your business, for more information visit