Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Christmas trading for newsagents like never before . . .

This Christmas trading season is like no other before with many newsagents providing their customers with access to their Christmas promotions to be viewed any time of the day or night. Here's a glance at just some examples . . .

Newspower Christmas Catalogue

The Newspower Christmas Catalogue is now prominently displayed on Newsagent's New-Web-Sites and newsagent's sites on YourNewsagent.com.au. You'll find the catalogue on display at www.yournewsagent.com.au/mclarenvale, http://www.campbellsnews.com.au/ and http://www.millicentnewsagency.com.au/.

A Timely Launch for Nextra Sunbury & Nextra Mornington

Two new Nextra sites are making the most of the excitement of the launch of their sites to promote their Christmas offerings.

Nextra Mornington Newsagency entered the online world this month just in time for the Christmas trading season. A busy trading season is ahead for the ABC Centre within Nextra Mornington and all the great gift ideas that are packed into the ABC Centre Christmas Catalogue are now accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime from the Nextra Mornington website.

The site at http://www.morningtonnewsagency.com.au/ also features the wide range of newsagency and lottery products and services including the store's ABC Centre, Canson Creative Art Centre & Darrell Lea Confectionery.

Nextra Sunbury Newsagency was released to the online world recently and offers customers a wealth of information about Nextra Sunbury Newsagency and the Sunbury Community. In addition to all the regular Newsagent's New-Web-Site features the site at http://www.sunburynewsagency.com.au/ includes an enhanced messages section that includes What's News?, Community Corner & Geyer's Gold Card Club which are all being actively used to reflect this newsagency's involvement in the local community.

In the "What's News?" section you will see how Jenny Carland of Nextra Sunbury Newsagency is working to keep customers up to date with the Christmas offerings.

Here's what Jenny has to say about the development of the Nextra Sunbury Newsagency site:

" Thank you. I wanted to contact you to tell you how happy I am, and what a pleasure it has been to work with Peter.
I know I am fussy about things and like things to be just right and as a result kept worrying that I was being a nuisance, but nothing was a bother and as a result I am just thrilled that the site looks even better than I imagined possible.
I wrote to Peter thanking him last night saying that it just looks so simple… but I know how much work went into it…and that’s the secret. It’s simple and easy for people to use, but so professional.
I will be telling everyone, I already am. I wish you every success in your business, you do it all so well.
Thanks again
Jenny "

Gift Cards for LPO Sites

The Australia Post Gift Cards are proving popular with newsagents who have an LPO as part of their business. The gift cards are sure to be a big hit this Christmas trading season.
To see how how the gift card range is being promoted by Campbells Newsagencies visit www.campbellsnews.com.au/hallettcovemall.

The http://retail.pattersonroad.com.au/newsletter_november08.jsp also features the gift card range, linking customers to the additional information available on the newsagent's website.

Christmas promotions on YourNewsagent.com.au

Many Christmas promotions are also displayed by newsagents on YourNewsagent.com.au Two great examples may be viewed by visiting www.yournewsagent.com.au/kilmorenewsagency and www.yournewsagent.com.au/mclarenvale.

For those who are not yet part of YourNewsagent.com.au, the good news is you can have your site and your Christmas promotions all in place in time for when the Christmas trading season begins in earnest as the calendar turns to December. To find out how to get underway visit www.yournewsagent.com.au/newsagent.

Newsagent's Club-Web & YourNewsagent.com.au Help Desk

All of the above examples have been provided for newsagents either as part of their membership to New-Web's Newsagent's Club-Web or as part of their membership to YourNewsagent.com.au.

For those not yet involved, now is an opportune time to join in:
  • Your site on YourNewsagent.com.au can be displaying your Christmas promotions before the end of November. For more information visit www.yournewsagent.com.au/newsagent .

  • For those wishing to get started with an independent website there is currently a $300 discount offer available until the end of November for Newsagent's New-Web-Sites. For more information visit http://www.new-web.com.au/ .
Happy Christmas Trading!

We wish all newsagents a busy and successful Christmas trading season. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss how the Christmas promotions such as those outlined above can become a regular feature of your business.

Monday & Wednesday Lotto Jackpots

Monday & Wednesday Lotto jackpots are now being displayed and updated after each draw for all newsagents displaying NSW Lotteries, SA Lotteries, Tattersall's and Lotterywest lotteries & jackpot information. Recently displayed was the first of the $5 Million Superdraws.