Wednesday, September 24, 2008

E-mail Newsletters

E-mail communication between newsagents and customers is increasingly becoming a day to day part of the newsagent's business. For those looking to improve or commence with e-mail customer newsletters some examples and information about the software & services available are provided below.

Many newsagents are now communicating with customers with regular e-mail newsletters. We are working with a number of newsagents to provide Group Mail Software and Newsletter Templates to improve the image and presentation of the newsletters. Examples of recent e-mail newsletters may be viewed at, &

Newsletter templates for use with the Group Mail software are developed to be specific to each newsagent's business. A variety of services which can be tailored to meet your specific needs are also available to assist with newsletter publishing.

The Group Mail program allows formatted bulk e-mails to be sent individually addressed to customers. A number of e-mail lists are able to be managed to use for specific purposes. A personal version and a business version are available. The main advantage of the business version is being able to use it across a number of users on a network. In most cases for newsagents the personal version is suitable and can be upgraded at a later date if necessary.

Group Mail allows you to manage your newsletters and other bulk e-mail from your desktop and there are no ongoing costs per e-mail as with other bulk e-mail options. Group mail is available to purchase online from with the personal version available for $159.95 and the business version for $395.95. Newsletter templates for use with Group Mail can be developed specifically for your business for $95. (all prices include GST)

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