Wednesday, September 24, 2008

E-mail Newsletters

E-mail communication between newsagents and customers is increasingly becoming a day to day part of the newsagent's business. For those looking to improve or commence with e-mail customer newsletters some examples and information about the software & services available are provided below.

Many newsagents are now communicating with customers with regular e-mail newsletters. We are working with a number of newsagents to provide Group Mail Software and Newsletter Templates to improve the image and presentation of the newsletters. Examples of recent e-mail newsletters may be viewed at, &

Newsletter templates for use with the Group Mail software are developed to be specific to each newsagent's business. A variety of services which can be tailored to meet your specific needs are also available to assist with newsletter publishing.

The Group Mail program allows formatted bulk e-mails to be sent individually addressed to customers. A number of e-mail lists are able to be managed to use for specific purposes. A personal version and a business version are available. The main advantage of the business version is being able to use it across a number of users on a network. In most cases for newsagents the personal version is suitable and can be upgraded at a later date if necessary.

Group Mail allows you to manage your newsletters and other bulk e-mail from your desktop and there are no ongoing costs per e-mail as with other bulk e-mail options. Group mail is available to purchase online from with the personal version available for $159.95 and the business version for $395.95. Newsletter templates for use with Group Mail can be developed specifically for your business for $95. (all prices include GST)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Newsagent's New-Web-Site Visitor Growth

As the number of newsagents online continues to grow so too does the number of visitors each of their websites is receiving. As for any business, customers expect to be able to find information and to be able to do business with their newsagent online. Many newsagents are also moving forward with various e-commerce models. There are now options to meet all newsagent's needs whether that's having their own website developed or becoming part of the industry website

The following charts show the strong growth in visits to Newsagent's New-Web-Sites throughout this year. It is interesting to note that while individual visits are growing strongly it is evident that visitors are also making a greater number of return visits.

The growth is set to continue as more and more people turn to the internet as a primary source of information. The promotional benefits for newsagents will continue to grow.

Newsagents who are actively promoting their websites are receiving the greatest growth in visits and therefore greater promotion of their business. This is being achieved simply by ensuring the website address is promoted on customer accounts, newsletters, receipts, business cards, invoices, in store and anywhere else your contact details may be listed.

Individual website statistics are also made available for newsagents to examine in more detail, to be able to compare results to the averages and to see the aspects of their website that customers and prospective customers are viewing and making use of.

Updates for Industry Changes

As the recent changes throughout the industry show, information can quickly become out of date on a website that is not well maintained. All Newsagent's New-Web-Sites are kept up to date by Newsagents Club-Web with changes being made recently on all sites to reflect industry changes in relation to bill payment, phone cards and for Victoria changes in relation to Tattersall's and Intralot. Even which was released in July has already required a number of updates to reflect the changes within the industry.