Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to School & Your Online Store

Two newsagents, Patterson Road Tatts, News & Post and Campbells Newsagencies have actively used their websites to promote back to school 2008 and offer online ordering.

Patterson Road Tatts, News & Post saw a pleasing number of orders being made online from the OLSH College stationery lists with the number expected to increase significantly next year through greater support and promotion from the school administration. An addition for BTS 2009 will be to have stationery lists / order forms for each year level made available to download, similar to the order form and Hallett Cove School recommended stationery lists on the Campbells Newsagencies site.

Campbells Newsagencies came online in December just in time for back to school promotions. A significant number of people visited the back to school section of the site and many people found this new site (mostly through Google searches for various stationery items) as they were researching their back to school purchases online, among the enquiries was one received from interstate. With the experience gained this year plans are already underway to work the website to build sales for back to school 2009.

As you review BTS 2008 you may wish to consider how you can make use of your Newsagent's New-Web-Site with e-commerce for BTS 2009. If you are working with school lists you already have much of the "catalogue data" ready to load online.

Note: The above links may not be available shortly as we unwind the back to school promotions, so now is the time to take a look.

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