Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Website Traffic Reports for Newsagents Club-Web Members

On the 1st day of each month, commencing from 1st February, newsagents with Newsagent's New-Web-Sites that have been live for one month or more will now receive an e-mail report that will provide an overview of visitor activity on their Newsagent's New-Web-Site over the prior month.

The reports are provided by Newsagents Club-Web using Google Analytics and will provide additional information to the website statistics that are accessible through the website admin area.

Direct access to the reporting in Google Analytics is also available which will allow newsagents to view data at any time for various date ranges and access even more detail than the e-mailed report provides.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Online Stationery Sales Solution

A new stationery e-commerce solution is now available for newsagents in Victoria, South Australia & NSW to be incorporated as an e-commerce component of your Newsagent's New-Web-Site development. Altona North Newsagency is the first site to incorporate this stationery e-commerce solution with the stationery section now being live at In addition to allowing you to offer over 4000 stationery and office products on your site it also offers a solution to issues of ordering, stock holding and delivery. Wilson Stationery Distributors is offering a pick, pack and deliver solution that will deal with orders placed by your customers through the site.

Updates through Newsagent's Club-Web

With Newsagents Club-Web, Newsagent's New-Web-Sites are able to be kept up to date with the opportunity for newsagents to work their website to develop their traditional and online business. Lotto agents websites are updated several times each week with the current lotto jackpots.

Wholesale website services rates for newsagents

Many of the newsagents now online have taken up the advantages of the wholesale rates secured by New-Web on behalf of newsagents. This provides access for newsagents to website services specifically designed for newsagents in function, content and value.

Promoting various aspects of the business

Newsagent's New-Web-Sites provide information promoting the various aspects of the newsagent's business with a few examples being lotto syndicates, lotto jackpots, voucher promotions, information about products and services offered and publisher's offers.

Community involvement and a local source of information

Regularly visited pages are those providing local community information such as community corner and the local weather pages, reinforcing the standing of the newsagent in the local community.

Improved communication with customers

Providing the ability for customers to contact their newsagent in a way and at a time that is convenient allows for contact information to be readily available to customers as well as providing an additional point of contact. E-mail newsletters are also being used to expand communications with customers.

Online account payments

One of the functions of the Newsagent's New-Web-Site is to receive online account payments from customers. This is promoted by newsagents when sending customer accounts which sees a good initial take up by customers that continues to build solidly over the following months. Payments being made by customers are a combination of credit card and internet banking payments . Taking online accounts one step further, Campbells Newsagencies offers an opt-in feature for customers to request to receive their accounts by e-mail.

Newsagents gaining experience in the online world

Valuable experience is being gained by newsagents who have taken their business into the online world. This time last year an online search for newsagent's websites revealed very few results, now by entering "newsagent website" on Google search numerous newsagent's websites can be found. This change has come about in a short period of time but a great amount of experience has been gained and many newsagents are using this experience to develop their businesses.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to School & Your Online Store

Two newsagents, Patterson Road Tatts, News & Post and Campbells Newsagencies have actively used their websites to promote back to school 2008 and offer online ordering.

Patterson Road Tatts, News & Post saw a pleasing number of orders being made online from the OLSH College stationery lists with the number expected to increase significantly next year through greater support and promotion from the school administration. An addition for BTS 2009 will be to have stationery lists / order forms for each year level made available to download, similar to the order form and Hallett Cove School recommended stationery lists on the Campbells Newsagencies site.

Campbells Newsagencies came online in December just in time for back to school promotions. A significant number of people visited the back to school section of the site and many people found this new site (mostly through Google searches for various stationery items) as they were researching their back to school purchases online, among the enquiries was one received from interstate. With the experience gained this year plans are already underway to work the website to build sales for back to school 2009.

As you review BTS 2008 you may wish to consider how you can make use of your Newsagent's New-Web-Site with e-commerce for BTS 2009. If you are working with school lists you already have much of the "catalogue data" ready to load online.

Note: The above links may not be available shortly as we unwind the back to school promotions, so now is the time to take a look.

Online Research & Purchasing

I have come across a number of articles recently that suggest over 50% of consumers and a greater number of "business to business" purchasers are researching purchases online. In the case of the consumers many will then proceed to make the purchase in store rather than online, something to keep in mind for back to school next year and for building your online catalogue. Examples of this have been noted at Patterson Road Tatts, News & Postwith customers coming to the Post Office counter having obviously researched online and found the bulk discounts available for Australia Post products .

e-mailing Customer Accounts

If you are planning to, or currently offer to e-mail your customer accounts you may wish to take a look at the opt-in feature on the Campbells Newsagencies site. Several customers have already used this feature to request their customer accounts be sent by e-mail since the site was made live in December. This feature can be easily added to Newsagents New-Web-Sites.

Superdraw Syndicates

Promotions for the $19 Million Superdraw for the 16th February are now displayed on all lotto sites. Superdraw and syndicate pages are regularly viewed pages on New-Web-Sites an example of the format can be viewed at

First South Australian Newsagent's New-Web-Site

The first of our South Australian Newsagent's New-Web-Sites was released to the world in December. The Campbells Newsagencies site is already actively promoting the business which incorporates three newsagencies in Adelaide's southern suburbs.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to New-Web

New-Web is successfully introducing newsagents to the on-line world. Many newsagents are now offering a higher level of service to their customers and promoting their business every hour of every day with their own website.

New-Web being directly involved in the newsagency industry continues to change and develop to meet the needs of the industry. We have secured some special wholesale rates on behalf of the newsagency industry and are offering website services specifically designed for newsagents in function, content and value.

The website package Newsagent's New-Web-Site is specifically designed for newsagents to extend their customer service to the online world.

The Newsagent's New-Web-Site with e-commerce extends your website to include a complete e-commerce solution through the choice of an online sales option that suits your business.

Membership to the new Newsagents Club-Web ensures that your website is kept up to date and offers you the ability to work your website to develop your traditional business and new online business.